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Thu, May 24, 2018 3:40 PM

Hi, My Photoshop callpses all the time what sould I do or should I do nothing? I have send report.

My Photosohp dosen`t work like it should, it callapses down amedeately when I trie open the Picture. I have send report and this problem has now continued allredy few days. What should I do or should I do nothing?!


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3 y ago

Please provide more information. What OS are you running? What version of Photoshop? What do you mean by "collapses"? Does Photoshop close and need to be restarted? Does it minimize? Do you get any messages from Photoshop before or after? What file type are you trying to open? Raw? jpg, png or another type?


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3 y ago

Howdy Nina,

Are you still having this problem?  Could you do as Steve asked and provide more information about both your setup and what you are encountering?

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