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Fri, Jul 13, 2018 9:07 PM

Help! Photoshop shrinks my canvas space/duplicates whatever images of whatever tab was opened.


I've been battling this issue since a few months ago, after a certain Photoshop update caused many to have issues in zooming in causing a removal in their pen pressure sensitivity. Ever since that was fixed, I ran into a new problem. It's hard to describe so I don't really know how to search for its solution.
The issue:
When I'm drawing in a project for a few minutes, suddenly a layer shows itself "on top" of the canvas, preventing me from being able to see what I'm drawing underneath unless I zoom out and back into the space that hasn't been covered. It cuts off the canvas area I can work in.

As shown below:(A screenshot when it first starts)

Here, you can see the black line I drew being covered by it:

In addition to that, when I have another file open, if I go to that tab and back, it'll duplicate whatever was there. (Shown below)
The issue goes away if I remove all the tabs and reopen the file, so I've been doing that.
If I continue working in the file, by zooming in and out all the time, what happens is that it continues shrinking the space I can work in until I only have a small work area left.
It's like if you were drawing only through a 3 x 3 inch hole.

Photoshop is up to date and I've reset my preferences a handful of times.
I think I will try reinstalling Photoshop, but if that doesn't work, I don't know what to do. I haven't been able to find anyone else posting this problem.


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3 y ago

Hi Ina,
 I think I might have an anwser.  I had the problem with regards to my photos. I do real estate work and lately every time I bring in 2 photos for blending as "edit as layers in photoshop" it would do do its thing and recognize each layer , however then it would always overlay the darkest image as a smaller image over my full brightest image.. I decided today to uninstall & reinstall lightroom and in the workspace tab top right i went down and clicked on "photography". This has appeared to fix my problem. For you try clicking graphics & web and try editing now. hope this fixes your prob.              Mike