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Fri, Feb 7, 2020 11:55 AM

Help creating a shortcut/ macro for "Show Backdrop" in Liquify


I'm editing images for a client with a lot of liquify requests. 

This is done by me creating a new layer that I'do all the liquifying on and comparing this to the layer from the client. The two shall match to 99.46 %.

Is there a way of creating a shortcut or a macro just to toggle the "Show Background" box on and off?

To make an almost exact match to the clients liquify takes a lot of comparing och clicking on the "Show Background".

It would be so much easier to compare the two layers without having to remove my eyes from the pixels and getting confused which layer is what and not constantly missclickling the tiny "Show Background" box. I might sound like a small problem but solving this would save me so much time.

Thank you!


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