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Thu, Feb 6, 2020 3:23 PM

Healing brush not working properly in cc2020

Since cc2020 I've encountered issues daily (but not constantly) with the healing brush not registrating all strokes and clicks. Running it in an empty layer (set to aligned, current+below). Retouching straight on a copy of the background works fine. But it has never ever been an issue before retouching like this (cc2019 was fine as well as previous versions). Not a big fan of doing a stamp visible/copy of the background because of the file sizes in 16bit. Also really weird that it's not consistent. 

Setting it to 'all layers' doesn't work (and would still not be an option since I have layers above that I don't want to change). Turning on legacy and then off seems to help sometimes. Sticking to legacy seems to work but then I loose 'diffusion' and that can't be the solution, right? reverting back on a new product seems counter productive.

After suggestions in the community I looked at the accessibility tab in system preferences to see that the Wacom drivers were all there. Turns out Adobe Photoshop had been removed from the list by the latest update for Mojave. Adding it back did indeed seem to help but the issue still reemerges when switching between applications and back to PS. For some reason switching between 'normal' and 'replace' as mode for healing brush and clicking a few times seems to bump things back into play.  

Any thoughts, something I have missed?

Running macbook pro (2017 maxed out) in mojave (10.14.6), PS 21.0.3, with at wacom intous pro. Latest drivers on everything. 


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