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Sat, Aug 17, 2019 7:15 AM

Free transform tool behaviour not consistent with raster objects and vector objects

When I need to free transform raster objects with the rectangular corner, by default it`s set to locked aspect ratio, but when I do exact same thing to a vector shape, by default it`s unlocked and is behaving as expected.

In the previous Photoshop versions all worked well, if you needed to lock aspect ratio when free transforming, you would just press shift for that, now if you hold Shift key for raster object it`s displaying the exact opposite behaviour - it`s free transforming with shift and locking aspect without pressing shift.

The weird part is that if you hold the Shift key when transforming a shape vector object it`s locking aspect ratio like in the old versions - and it`s free transforming the vector object if you don`t press the shift key.

So for free transforming a raster object we need to hold the shift key, whereas for a vector object we don`t need to do that.

Is it possible to have CONSISTENCY?
We prefer the old way, please return that back.

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