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Tue, Sep 17, 2019 6:59 PM


Filter for Color Blind Creators?

I'm glad that photoshop can proof images with CUD so that content can be tailored towards color blind people, but I'm disappointed that there is no filter system to assist color blind creators so that we can more accurately perceive colors for our normally-visioned peers. Case in point: I used a color that looked to me like a golden orange, but to my fellow classmates was an ugly, muddy hue. System-wide filters are available, but often are not robust enough to fully take advantage of such a precise tool as photoshop. Implementing a filter in-app would also be beneficial for those of us who switch between different workstations or systems to provide a uniform user experience. Since as many as 8% of the male population is colorblind, I commend Adobe for what they've already done in this area, but there is still work that could be done to accommodate.


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2 y ago

I recommend that you keep the info palette open and always show LAB colors.  Even those of us with normal 3-color vision can benefit from seeing the LAB numbers for any pixel you hover over.  People can learn to do color correction using a black and white monitor by examining the LAB colors of any pixel you hover over.