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Wed, Jun 15, 2011 1:33 AM

Feature Request: Crop at actual pixels w/ constant scale.

Ok... this is new home for feature requests? Hmm...
I think I've requested this before:
It would be a nice Crop Tool feature to have crop set for pixels but NOT resample... So the crop marquee would appear as fixed size, Actual Size.

Now, the only way to do that is set the Rectangular Marquee Tool to a fixed size and crop the selection. And it does not work if rotated.

I know that rotating the crop will necessitate some resampling, but a number of times at work when editing dozens of photo-micrographs where the scale HAS to stay consistent, it would be very useful if the Crop Tool could be invoked at actual pixels as described in the width and height fields and be able to rotate the crop marquee.



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