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Wed, Oct 30, 2019 9:50 PM


Feature Request: Change the Title / Name of an Action

I would like to request a way to change the Title / Name of an Action. I have a few that have names like Version 1, Version 2, etc. It would be nice be able to change them to something that let's know what they are and/or what the difference is, instead of always having to run them to see what are. 

 Also if it possible to make an update/patch for this for some of the older versions that a lot of people are still using.






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2 y ago

That is already possible, at least in Photoshop (I don't use PSE). Select the action, then choose 'Action options' from the fly-out menu in the upper right corner of the Actions panel. That will give you a dialog where you can change the name.

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2 y ago

... a simple double click on the name of the action/set does the same