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Fri, Nov 24, 2017 8:40 PM


Feature request - add remove holes from mask

When we want to fast cut off the shape from eg. scanned picture usually use magic wand. Unfortunately scanned pictures contains sometimes a dust. If we see that our shape is properly selected and try to trim picture to selected area, it turns out that the task is unworkable because of almost invisible particles of dust. The Corel Paint solved this problem many years ago by adding option "remove holes from selection". It works perfectly. Please implement exactly the same functionality. 



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3 years ago

I totally support this suggestion. Auto-selecting areas often produces too many holes. Sometimes a better result can be obtained by adjusting various tolerances, but "remove holes from selection" would be an ideal solution in a lot of cases.

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9 months ago

Almost every day I run into this problem. The remove holes is a VERY USEFUL feature. Long minutes of mask peeping is the solution now.

Please add this feature ASAP!

Thank you!