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Sun, Apr 3, 2011 6:48 PM


Exporting and importing preferences and workspaces in Photoshop

Export/Import Preferences and Workspaces in Photoshop. I can save and load just about everything in Photoshop, and do since I work in a multi-computer envrionment. Not these two critical ones. Please let that happen!

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10 years ago

I completely agree with Jerry. I've had numerous instances where I suffered a hard crash and PS reopened with my Preferences set to Default. It would be so much easier to have a saved set that could be loaded rather than have to go through eleven preference panes and reset all the parameters individually to my liking.

I would add that the Keyboard Shortcut and Menus dialog box also needs an updating. While you can save Shortcut sets, there is no mechanism to load previously saved sets. This really makes no sense. The only way to load a saved set is to go into the Finder (Mac platform) and double click the file to have it load in PS. Once it does appear in the dialog box the Set is renamed to: Photoshop Defaults (modified). HUH!!! This dialog is seriously flawed and needs some love and attention from the PS engineers.

One more rant. I might be in a very small minority but I prefer to use Legacy Channel Shortcuts. I'm appreciative of the PS team for leaving this in PS5 as an option however I question why the checkbox for this option is stuck in Keyboard Shortcuts and Menus dialog box. It seems it would be better placed in the general Preferences dialog.