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Tue, Apr 14, 2020 6:10 AM

Export as jpg restricting image size and adding white edge

Original file size is 25484x5982 without the white edge at the bottom & right.

At the image size selection I cant select any resolution higher than 80%
Also PS has added a white band to the bottom and the right side of the image which further decreases the resolution even if i crop it out.

Please advice how to return scale to 100% for export without the white bands.




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1 y ago

If I try to do this, I see a small warning triangle next to the 80%. Hovering the cursor over it says "The image's initial dimensions exceeds the maximum allowed number of pixels and has been downscaled". That means there is nothing you can do to keep the scale to 100%. The white edge is probably because you still have the canvas size set to the original dimensions.

The solution is simple. Use 'Save as' and select JPEG instead of using 'Export as'. That will work fine and will not resize the image.