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Tue, Nov 21, 2017 3:29 PM


eraser tool in Photoshop's October 2017 update ignores Transfer settings in Brush preset

After the latest update from October 2017, Eraser tool ignores any Transfer settings in brush preset and uses only latest from Brush Settings window.

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Photoshop: Transfer brush setting is not working on the Eraser tool


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3 years ago

> and uses only latest from Brush Settings window. >

I'm afraid I'm not following you.  If I have a preset with Transfer settings (currently all the ones I have loaded started out as tool presets), and I create a new preset without the tool settings, I have the Transfer settings still active and the eraser acts like it???  It's using the same Transfer settings I've saved with the preset. I'm not sure where else but the Brush Settings window it's supposed to take its settings from? I seem to be misunderstanding you somehow here.