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Mon, Dec 22, 2014 10:52 PM


Enable 9 patch / 9 slice for Smart Objects

It would be wonderful for UI Design to have 9 patch on smart objects, similar to the implementation found in Illustrator.

This would allow me to create a UI Kit for iOS and Mac OS where buttons, fields, windows, etc all can be resized and retain their shapes.

In these screenshots you can see some examples where some of those elements could be 9 sliced and could be reused.

Compound that with Smart Object states and you could have 1 smart object for all your buttons no matter what size they are.

Same for windows:

How could it be implemented simply?

On a very basic level you could implement this by leveraging Guides to serve as 9 patch. If the user has 2* or 4 guides inside their smart object

then a new option could appear in the Properties menu.

*2 guides would serve as a 3 patch, for objects that can only be scaled vertically or horizontally but not both.

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