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Wed, Dec 27, 2017 11:46 AM

> edit contents of embedded AI clipboard-pasted vector will not re-open in AI after placement

My current workflow: I copy something from AI then paste the object as a Smart Object into photoshop. Then, as needed, I will typically edit the placed object by editing the Smart Object by command clicking it or control clicking and choosing > edit contents. Wit the latest release 19.0.1, I can no longer edit the contents. No matter how I try to prompt the command (using the three methods of which I know) nothing will allow me to re-open the vector object in AI to edit the original. Has anyone else experienced this? What’s the fix? This has been part of my workflow for years, and I’ve never experienced this problem before.


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3 years ago

What is your smart object extension? Is it ".AI" ?
What program you have associated for opening AI?

If you set open e.g. SVG in Affinity Designer, then you can replace Illustorator with different program.