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Thu, Jun 2, 2011 5:02 PM


Dynamic Color Pallet - Endless color themes without the work!

Talking with my buddy I came up with the thought that what if you had a dynamic color pallet? Say your website design is going to have 5 colors. You pick them and then everything follows suit. After you deliver it to a client they say... eh... I want to have all of the colors changed to xyz. Crap... that means I need to go and change Every layer and style and everything else... bleh...

What if you could set it up so that everything you created used one of the 5 dynamic (or as many as you want/need) colors. When you decide; I want to change the theme of my site from blues to reds all you do is change the dynamic swatches and everything follows suit. You could literally spit out as many color combinations as you want to present.

If this isn't 100% clear its like in After Effects you can write an expression that looks at the color of a different layer and copy paste that expression to all the other layers you want to have that color. 1 location for you color - endless layers controlled by it.

What do you think?!!!


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