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Mon, Jul 23, 2018 7:21 PM

downloading zip files to photoshop

how do you load downloaded zip files into Photoshop CS6?


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2 years ago

Photoshop doesn't open zip files. If you downloaded them, you need to unzip them by double-clicking on them in your Explorer/Finder window. Then it depends upon the type of files how you load them into PS. Often you can simply double-click on a file in your Finder/Explorer or Bridge to have them load into Photoshop, but to give better instructions, we need to know what kind of files you want to load.

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After the file is unzipped and saved to the computer, you can open Photoshop and select File/Open, then navigate to where the file was saved and click to open the file. If the file is not compatible with Photoshop, you will get a popup message telling you that Photoshop could not open the file.