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Thu, Jun 14, 2018 10:56 PM

Do you use Match Color on Photoshop? Image > Adjustments > Match Color . . . If so, what do you do with it?

We have data to indicate that a lot of people use Match Color, but it seems the expectations vary quite a bit as to what is expected of it. If you are a Match Color user, we would love to hear what you're doing with it by commenting below.

Thank you! :)




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2 years ago

Color matching on compositing new backgrounds and elements into a styled photoshoot done on a white backdrop. Also for texturing...

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2 years ago

Love using Match Colour. Using this technique to color match the subject to the backdrop color is breeze and a time saver. 

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2 years ago

I use it when I remember to.<G> It's kind of tucked away and not often enough thought of, but at various times, I've remembered it's really great for compositing two images that shouldn't go together. A blah daytime photo with a sunset background, for example. It requires a bit of finessing, and it doesn't work, obviously, if lighting is from opposite angles, that sort of problem. But it can help bring two disparate images together in the same document.
It's also useful when I don't quite know where to find the right LUT—and don't want to create it all from scratch since I have the sample image to base it on—to set the mood of one image based on a different image — again, it won't work magic, but it can work decently in some situations where there isn't too much of a strain to get there.
I don't tend to use it to match colors taken during the same shoot that for some reason don't match, which I think it was designed for? I do that in CR if necessary.

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2 months ago

This is an old post I see. But lately I have been optimizing match color by using eye dropper. It is fantistically quick.

The question about what do you do with it? (Hannah_Nicollet) Admin.

I am working on a new book cover and using characters I had drawn previously. I am taking their colours into the new drawing. It is so much easier and less frustrating than creating the wheel again. It made me happy yesterday.


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