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Sat, Oct 13, 2018 7:24 AM

Do I need the creative cloud app installed to use photoshop? I am finding it uses a high amount of CPU

High CPU usage


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2 years ago

The Creative Cloud app needs to check in every so often with the mother ship — how often depends upon your subscription, but not more than once a month. You can keep it installed without keeping it running. You won't have access to any of the Creative Cloud features, but if you're strictly local on your desktop, Photoshop will run without the Creative Cloud running at the same time.

Probably the easiest would be to let it launch on startup. That allows it to check in and make sure you have a valid subscription. Then open it, click on the three dots, and choose Quit from the menu.

I'm not seeing any high amount of CPU time being allocated to the CC App, and I'm not sure why you are. Perhaps someone here could help you troubleshoot. Mine is running right now, as always, and I'm seeing % of CPU is 0.0. My CPU load overall is extremely low, and I'm running Firefox and just launched PS. So there may be something else going on with your computer.