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Mon, Nov 26, 2018 1:45 PM

Disappointed with 2019 update

I just wanted to say that as a Photoshop user of 21 years (since v.2.5), I am deeply disappointed by the 2019 Photoshop update.  Many of the changes seem to have been executed without thought, logic, or downright common sense.  Furthermore, I am flabbergasted that at this day and age, Adobe shows no interest in listening to their users, and providing them with actual updates and improvements, instead of frustrations.  Their online support is designed to sidetrack and confuse people, while offering no direct channel for support of this paid application.

Major interface and hotkey changes done to the resize, transform and undo functions have complicated and slowed-down the workflow for many of us.

And the subscription model needs to understand that once the software is activated, it should remain activated on the computer on which it's installed.

My 2019 Photoshop/Lightroom update took place overnight.  The following day we had a commercial shoot and I was going to shoot tethered with client present.  The rental studio unfortunately did not have internet connection, so my 2019 Lightroom refused to launched, essentially assuming I'm a software thief unless I login (which, without an internet connection is not possible).

I had to walk down two blocks with my laptop and phone in hand, looking for a data signal, so that I could use my phone's hotspot in order to activate a software, all while looking incredibly stupid in front of a client, and wasting an hour of shooting time.

This does not seem like software designed for working professionals.  It's greedy tactics designed to deter software pirates, while in practice, inconveniencing paying customers.

It's idiotic methods like these that make one seek alternatives.  

Beyond frustrated with Adobe.


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2 years ago

As a user since 1995 I too am extremely disappointed. I have PS 7 running on an old 8100 Power PC that actually is much faster, and a hundred times more stable.

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2 years ago

Very desappointed too. I gave up cc2019 and use cc2018, cc2019 is very very very slow and unusable.