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Tue, Jun 12, 2018 8:01 AM

'Default Actions' set resets itself / Bug: PS-18524


When there's not any 'Action Set' with at least one 'Action' (even empty & unticked) loaded / created in 'Action panel' then after reopening Photoshop the 'Default Action' set is going to be loaded itself. 


Normally 'Default Actions' set could be loaded ONLY after chosing 'Reset Actions' from' Actions panel' Flyout / dropdown menu. So if users decided to not have any Action set (with/out Actions) displayed in 'Actions panel', they could delete them and be free of them even reopening Photoshop. But if then they wanted to have 'Default Actions' restored they could do it on their own by reseting actions. Now users have no choise! Even when they delete 'Default Actions', and they don't load / create other set instead then after restarting Ps they're enforced to delete 'Default Actions' again.


This happens in CC 19.1.4. I don't know how that was in previous CC2018 versions and other CC releases, but for sure in CS6 EXTENDED I still use it works right way. Once 'Default Actions' are deleted they won't reset itself after reopening Photoshop untill user decide to do it manually in menu. So no workarounds or else somone write a script that saved into StartupScripts folder will be removing 'Default Actions' at each start of Photoshop. That's of course method only for experienced users.


1. remove all Action Sets (incl. default and custom)
2. close Photoshop to launch it again
3. 'Default Actions' are reseted :(

Edit: meantime we can use this workaround:


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