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Thu, Nov 29, 2018 4:41 PM

dear @Photoshop its 2018 why can't i use the eyedropper outside of the Photoshop canvas? :( Sketch lets me. :p

I want to grab colors outside of the Photoshop canvas with the Eyedropper. it is INCREDIBLY frustrating that PS still doesn't let you do this (probably the other programs too). i have to take a screenshot then open the file in PS. whyyyyyyy


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2 years ago

Are you unable to make Photoshop smaller so you can see another app, image, desktop? Because if you Open the Color Picker and then drag the eyedropper from the canvas outside of the document window, you can select any color there. You have to keep the eyedropper in contact with the surface beneath it. That's always been the case, and at least on a Mac and High Sierra, it still is.

Apparently, all bets seem to be off for Windows 10 and Mojave.<G>