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Mon, Apr 15, 2019 8:01 PM

Dark Theme has bright white menu drop downs

Just as in the title says, I'm running Photoshop CC 2019 20.0.4 and have it with the darkest theme available. Unfortunately, it seems that even though I've chosen the dark theme, all the drop downs appear in bright white.
This is very jarring and I'm not sure if I'm missing a setting or if this is a bug? All I know is I would like the dropdowns to match the rest of the theme?

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2 y ago

Are you on a Mac? I had this happen in AI, only it was the opposite. I had the lightest interface with the dark menus, because I normally use all dark, and when I temporarily set AI to light, it was WTF???<G>  I finally thought about my System settings. On a Mac (and for all I know, on Windows too), there's a Preference in Settings > General to use "dark menu bar and dock." That setting, however you set it, will override your Adobe preferences.