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Tue, Jun 16, 2020 3:03 PM

Created new file, worked then saved, Photoshop crashes without saving anything and no autosaved files

I created a new file, posted something from clipboard then worked for quite some time, was called away, then came back and continued and then decided time to save, so when I saved for the first time it asked for a new file name (off course), I supply file name, then it asked for "optimise compatibility" which I just clicked continue, then Photoshop closed without saving anything, I searched all possible autosave folders as well as the TMPDIR (I am on iMac) and NOTHING. All that work gone. This is the first time really I work in my Photoshop 2020 CC subscription and what a bad experience!


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1 y ago

My guess is that there was an inadvertent step,  that gave the Close command, that you didn't realize you had done. Yes that IS a bad experience, and we all have at one time or another, done something like that.

Menus are complex, terse names for buttons are necessary for want of enough room for lengthy narrative explanation on each menu choice. The more complex ANY system becomes, the more a new user must study and learn; it is inappropriate to blame your Adobe nor your computer...

Long ago a customer started our phone conversation with this: "Wait 'til I tell you what my computer DID to me today!"

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1 y ago

Hi Elizabeth, I don't have a clue and I use Windows. So why am I replying? I have used Photoshop for a long time, in the 'daze' of the 5.25 disks. I learn or figure out stuff frequently and this forum is a pretty good place.  I will say (okay write) this: I always keep my original. I file frequently and usually include the date (yyyymmdd) included. Many times I am prompted by the application to do something and if I do not know for sure, I don't do it and then I'll save the project and look to see what the app is asking me. 

Now, not being funny here, but often times Photoshop when opened and projects are closed, go to [File] [Open Recent], you just may find some version of what you were working on. 

Good Luck!