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Fri, Mar 25, 2016 5:19 PM

create a library dialog box

When you open a PS file in PS it brings open the Create New Library from Document dialog box... and it REQUIRES a decision.  You cannot do anything else in PS until you make that decision.  So if I go to Lightroom and click Edit In PS... until I go back to PS and make a decision about that dialog box, nothing happens... 

I don't want that dialog box to go away... as in hitting "Don't Show Again" but I also don't want to always cancel it (have you tried getting back to it? not the prettiest work flow that Adobe's ever created...) before I've got all the "assets" open for the project... 

Can you please make it so that dialog box doesn't REQUIRE a decision, can't it just be left open without a decision?  It's a pretty decent brick wall in the workflow...


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5 years ago

No, it really does require a decision. And the app will be be able to do anything else until you make that choice in the dialog.