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Thu, Oct 6, 2016 12:36 AM


Couple ideas for improving rulers


Couple quick suggestions.

How about the guide rulers in Photoshop having a transparency value, would make life easier when you have a lot of em, working on designing a very symmetrical lineart logo and I can barely see the image even with the rulers that's just dots. =p

Being able to go between multiple different 'sets' of rulers and guides would be pretty sweet too. Screen can get pretty crowded. Might make life a bit easier being able to attach sets of rulers and guides to layers or something. So you can easily display just the rulers that are relevant to what your working on.

Being able to set diagonal rulers of various angles would be pretty shweet. IE being able to set 'this ruler should be at 37 degrees' or whatever would be cool.

Perhaps even being able to fine tune the little 'distance marks' on the ruler on rulers on the side, how far apart each one is, being able to 'snap to' on a custom amount of pixels, or a custom amount of pixels from your starting position, would be some pretty handy options to have, especially in the initial stages of plotting something out.

Being able to set a 'symmetrical snap to' option from a 'starting ruler' would be pretty great too.

Was a couple things I noticed while working, and a couple things I just brainstormed. Hope I was able to help. =D

<3 U BAI.

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