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Thu, Mar 5, 2020 10:58 AM

Counterintuitive behaviour of adjustment layer patterns

Initial situation:
There is a layer containing only greyscale values and you want to assign a different pattern to a certain greyscale range.

Currently, patterns will apply to the resulting image and not to the source image. So, if you already applied one or more patterns to the target layer, patterns on to of that will be applied to other patterns below. It doesn't matter if you clip the pattern(s) directly onto the layer or to a group containing that target layer. It doesn't matter in which way you apply the pattern(s) (e.g. by adjustment layer or by clipping layer).

Only workaround so far:
- (Make the target layer a smart object for saving disk space)
- Duplicate the target layer [n] times, each with its own colour range defined in the "Blending Options" under "Blend if" at "This Layer"
- Create [n] groups, each containing one of the target layers
- Assign a pattern effect to each group

This workaround is a real PITA.

What I would have expected / What I would suggest:
When clipping a pattern or several patterns directly to a layer, I would expect the pattern to be applied to the source image. When clipping the pattern to a group containing that layer or clipping it to a smart object, I would expect the current behaviour.


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