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Mon, Jun 18, 2018 4:23 PM

Couldn't open image via Photoshop

I was searching photoshop repair utility, cause my .psd file on laptop stopped opening. And now it pops up following...Is not a valid Photoshop document. I've used some special features to handle it, but no one of it didn't give me an appropriate result....


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2 years ago

Another long-shot technique in Windows is to see if there's a Shadow Copy of your file (copy from a restore point). Right-click on the file, choose Properties from the list - in the Properties box, choose the Previous Versions tab. Hopefully (in theory...) there'll be a useable previous version to choose from. These instructions are for Vista. If the tab is not there, do a search for instructions for this feature on your operating system.

In addition some useful resources from Adobe community and other forums dedicated to this trouble...