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Sat, Feb 8, 2020 7:35 PM

copy/paste transparency

In Photoshop/Illustrator on my Mac, I have a nice feature where I can select an image in Photoshop, copy it and paste it into Illustrator. The magic is that the selection creates a transparent background for the image which is a big time saver. If I try the same thing on a Windows PC, I get the white background. Can anyone shed light on this? Is this something that is possible because of MacOS and simply not possible on Windows?


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1 y ago

The white background is a flattened image with background color on white.  Change the background setting to transparency in illustrator.



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1 y ago

I discourage using the technique you employ. 
Pasting pixel images into Illustrator or Indesign is improper in a professional context at least. 

While one can unembed the embedded images in Illustrator that can become inconvenient when editing of multiple images should become necessary later on, all the more if the images should be used in multiple files.