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Sat, Aug 29, 2020 11:16 PM

Copies of Smart Object Layers Not Displaying Proper PSB name in Properties Panel

After turning a Layer into a Smart Object (Embedded), the properties panel indicates that the referenced Smart Object is named e.g. Layer 0.psb and when the Smart Object is opened it does indeed have that same name of Layer 0.psb.   If I make a duplicate of that Smart Object Layer the new Layer also shows the same name since it is a duplicated instance of the Smart Object

However, if I create a copy of the Smart Object as its separate Smart Object e.g by right clicking the original Layer 0 and choosing New Smart Object via Copy, the properties panel still indicates the same name of Layer 0.psb yet when the Smart Object is opened, the Document name is Layer 01.psb.

The properties panel does not reflect the correct psb file for this new and separate Smart Object.

It would be helpful to have the properties panel show the correct name of the internal psb file as this would help determine if it is just another instance of the first Smart Object or a new Separate Smart Object (i.e. not linked).  As it is, to know the difference you have to open up the Smart Object unless there is some technique of which I am not aware

This appears to be a display bug or a missing desire feature. Thanks in advance for you help and/or consideration


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