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Sun, Nov 26, 2017 5:01 AM

Coordinate system origin in imported STL geometries

For my work, it is critical that I be able to precisely position imported STL geometries relative to each other—for example, to show how they connect in a mechanism or machine. The true value of numerical coordinate inputs (provided in Photoshop) is that with them you can in principle precisely place your parts. Sadly, however, the reference coordinate systems of the parts seem to be placed not at the origins defined in the STL files but at the center of geometry.

This poses a problem: I carefully plan my STL parts in CAD so that the origin is in a logical place for connection during assembly; that is the location defined in the STL file when I export from CAD; by placing the coordinate system origin at the center of geometry (which could be anywhere in the part), Photoshop is making it very difficult if not impossible to precisely position parts (numerically, of course, since you cannot achieve much precision by eyeballing).

This is disappointing since the visual results are very good but they mean nothing if I cannot precisely position parts easily.

Please consider changing the default placement of the reference coordinate system origins of imported STL parts at the origins specified in the STL files—or at least provide an option to do this!

Also—it seems very strange that when you import an STL geometry, Photoshop automatically places it off-center from the [0, 0, 0] coordinate. Why would you do this? The [0, 0, 0] coordinate is often known! The first thing I want to do after importing a part is to have it placed with its (proper) reference coordinate system at that location (relative to whatever world coordinate system might be associated with the scene). It is only then that I'm ready to move the parts relative to each other. It seems silly and confusing to import the parts offset from that coordinate.

Please consider addressing these issues. I love the results that I'm getting from Photoshop (for which I would otherwise have to use a far more complex tool like Blender), but it is critical that I be able to precisely position parts relative to each other without eyeballing them!

Many thanks!


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