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Wed, Apr 25, 2018 6:34 PM


Color Range - Hand Tool and other conveniences

-This may be a Windows only issue, but the spacebar (hand tool) seems to focus on the invert button rather than the hand tool, if you check invert prior. It is the same for any tickbox inside of the panels. Is it simply an unavoidable default that Windows utilizes the spacebar as a checkbox ticker inside of these panels? Having to click around to get the hand back, is a minor issue, but a bit annoying nonetheless. How can we make the Hand Tool stick?

-A quicker way to toggle on/off Quick Mask mode, as this is something that will be toggled on and off a lot inside Color Range.

-Without being able to resize the Image Preview, it's usefulness is limited. If the entire panel cannot resize, perhaps provide similar options to the Reduce Noise panel, where you have a preview that can zoom and focus to parts of the image

-User ability to change Mask color for situations where your image is red.

-Auto Select (colors) - Maybe add a color threshold slider that that can fine tune the selection of pure reds (eg.) vs tinted reds. Example. 100 threshold will pick up orange and purple. 0 threshold picks only pure colors. This is a bit different than Fuzziness, as fuzziness is more of a feather.

-Maybe one day in future, an embedded multiple step undo/redo within the panel!

-A/B options - this is for all panels, and similar to what happens in audio software plugins. You have one setting on A and another setting on B for easier comparison. Right now, some of the panels are trial, error, undo, redo. You can only preview on/off. The ability to flick between 2 versions of your settings, and commit to one in the same panel would be great.

In Brightness/Contrast, for example, we should be able to compare Legacy vs Modern algorithms.

Back to Color Range - overall accuracy improvements. I would like to see a feather edge accuracy control. It would be the same as the current Fuzziness, but the ability to sharpen back the edges.

Please add any additional ideas here! I would love to hear them!


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