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Thu, Sep 27, 2018 10:18 PM


Clone Stamp much needed feature~!

I really need this clone stamp feature...

you turn on a new setting called "clone brush mode"

You Alt Click as normal, and then with this mode on, when you hold down and drag the mouse, the position of reference point stays the same (instead of moving all around), and the rotation of the reference point immediately changes relative to the direction you're moving the mouse in. 

It'd be like using the clone stamp with all it's detail, like an actual brush, and with opacity, you could feather it.

You could paint top down curvy roads from one clone stamp's reference point. Using that one reference point as if it were a brush. Using opacity to feather your strokes.

I would program an extension myself, but I'd rather try suggesting this much needed feature first.

Alt, Shift, < or> is so awkward to use, and rotates so slow, and moves the reference point (wish there was a separate setting to also clamp the reference point).

I really hope they take a look at doing some improvements to this clone stamp.

Thanks so much Photoshop team!


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2 years ago

that's not a bad idea.  In the meantime, have you seen Adobe Capture?