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Wed, Nov 4, 2020 7:17 PM


Choosing some points on a path with direct selection tool then using shift key to move them causes whole path to move

I often need to make multiple rounded-rectangle shapes with corners that are the same size, and that are aligned, for instance when creating buttons or tabs for a mockup of a web page. I often want them to be the same height, but different widths to match the length of the text that will be overlaid on them. The easiest way for me to create several of them and to keep them aligned is to make the first using the Rounded Rectangle tool, then copy that layer for however many I need and then use the Move Tool while holding the shift key to reposition them while keeping them aligned, then using the Direct Selection tool to choose only half the points (say, all the points on the right), so that I can drag those points out to make the button wider without making it taller and without changing the corner radius (as happens when you use "transform" to resize things). In order to keep the button straight, I normally hold the shift key when dragging the set of points that I selected. It used to work fine.

With the latest iteration of Photoshop, it no longer works. If I hold down the shift key while dragging the set of points that I have selected using the Direct Selection tool, instead of only moving the selected points, it moves the entire path instead of just the points I selected. Since I can already do this with the Path Selection tool, it seems ridiculous that the Direct Selection tool now does the same thing. I suspect, therefore, that this is a bug that has been introduced to Photoshop with the latest release.

On the other hand, this may be considered a feature. I'm not sure how paths are treated in Adobe Illustrator, but it does appear that the way rounded rectangle Live Shape Layers are dealt with in Photoshop now more closely resembles how they are dealt with in Illustrator. It may therefore be that the Live Shape Layer needs to be converted to a regular path in order to do what I am trying to do. If that is the case, it would be nice if there were some facility for doing such a conversion other than having to drag one of the points in the path out of alignment to trigger the warning dialog that says that the Live Shape Layer will be changed in to a normal path. The workaround I finally figured out was to use the pen tool to add a point to the path. That never triggered the dialog, but it did allow me to drag the points I wanted to drag while depressing the shift key without moving the whole path.

As an FYI, I find that if I select some points in a rounded rectangle with the Direct Selection tool and move them using Smart Guides either directly right, left, up or down, the same thing happens. Instead of only moving the points that I selected, the entire path is moved. If I deviate even slightly from the 0, 90, 180, or 270 degree direction of the move, only the points I selected move and the unselected points in the path remain in place. But if I happen to get back on that 0, 90, 180, or 270 degree line, then the whole path pops out of place.

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