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Fri, Dec 15, 2017 1:59 PM

changing font size not visible

Normally you can see the difference if you scaling up or down some text. since the last update you can see the changes just than when you click on the check mark so you have no preview what your doing.


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3 years ago


had the question also.. seems it's a known issue.. (did it on purpose so it seems)
Photoshop CC 19.0.1: Text Size Scubby Slider and Up Down Arrow no longer gives live updates | Photoshop Family Customer ...

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3 years ago

Howdy Timo,

Yes, this was unfortunately the trade-off to get another, worse bug fixed in a timely manner.  We are actively working on a fix and it will be available with the next release of Photoshop some time after the holidays.

Sorry for the inconvenience,