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Thu, Aug 16, 2018 2:11 AM

Change feather pixels after selection

This has been a real pain in my workflow for years. If you spent 15minutes cutting around a complicated image with the Polygon Lasso Tool and you finish up and realize that you have feather pixels set to 200 instead of 1. To fix this, the only option is to re-select everything all over again.

Surely this is a quick fix to change feather pixels after selection???.



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2 years ago

Actually it's possible to implement such feature to change applied selection with any feather like for ex. 200 to any other, so 1 if that's what you wanted to start from but missed in good time. This way you'll never need to rememeber of wrong feather value as you can by one button change current cut selection to expected. I used to have the same pain before I learnt how to program things in Photoshop so I had to cut parts of complex graphics sometimes twice :( If you need to have it now contact me via regular Adobe Photoshop forum where my name to send message is Kukurykus.



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2 years ago

The trick is to never use the lasso for making complicated selections. There's so many things that can go wrong if you do and eventually you learn to use the Pen or Brush tool for selections that take more than 10 seconds.