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Tue, Nov 15, 2011 2:01 PM



Can't login to adobe forums

I can't log into the adobe forums. The screen shows I'm signed into but after I enter my password to login to the forums I get stuck in a redirect loop. Sometimes I don't even get as far as entering my password, it starts redirecting after I hit the login button. This happens on both firefox and IE.

This conversation has been merged. Please refer the main conversation: Redirect loop when logging in to Jive forum


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5 years ago

I have the same issue for over a year!

When I try to enter any forum thread, I see "This webpage has a redirect loop" error in my Chrome.

Googling showed that it's not only my issue, a lot of people are struggling opening Adobe forums.

What I tried:
1. Clean all cookies
2. Clean Adobe-related cookies only
3. Switch browser
4. Log out - log in to my account
5. Changing forum (screen) username
... but nothing helps. :(

If I logged out from my Adobe account - I'm able to read threads. Logged back in - "redirect loop" again.

Today I really needed to post a question to forums, but haven't managed to do it, and asked a rep in support chat about it. They escalated it to relevant team, so I'm waiting for updates.

Have anyone managed to solve it at all?