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Sat, Apr 11, 2020 10:17 PM

Cannot change scratch disks while opening photoshop

Heya I’ve just brought and installed photoshop. Every time I try to open it a pop up says that scratch disks are full. I’ve followed all the steps to try and disable them but I cannot click the check mark on the box (mac). It’s driving me crazy. Anybody have any ideas?


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1 y ago

You can't disable all your scratch disks. PS has to have a scratch disk with enough space somewhere on your system. If you have multiple drives, you can select one with enough room that isn't checked. You can also select multiple drives. No need to disable any of them.

You should use your Apple menu (About This Mac) to view your drive(s) and see how much space you have on each. It's important that you have enough room. To understand that, take a look at



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1 y ago

The title of your message says 'cannot change scratch disks'. If you do have another disk that you can use as scratch disk, then first select this disk in the preferences as well, and then uncheck the first disk.