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Wed, Mar 4, 2020 3:26 AM


Can not copy and paste path in photoshop lately!

Does anyone encountered can not copy and paste the path in photoshop lately? And how to settle it? thanks!

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Photoshop 21.1: Can't paste a path, copy/paste path duplicates layer instead


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a year ago

Hi SowPing,

I'm experiencing the same issue!

Obviously, I started . by purging all preferences from PS and AI. Then restart Macbook. 

To be clear:

  1. Problem #1: I can no longer copy-paste a path from PS to AI, but I can copy-drag from PS to AI (AI to PS still works perfectly).
  2. Problem #2: whenever I want to copy-paste a path within Photoshop, it copies the whole layer/folder on which the path is applied.

When doing so, I am using the Path Selection Tool and it did work perfectly until yesterday.

The only work-around - still painful - is to cut and paste. But this is very annoying when you don't want to cut...

There's clearly a PS bug, but I cannot see where.

Thanks for your help!