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Wed, Mar 21, 2018 2:54 PM

Bugs during zooming/hand-tool, error-sounds, delayed changes


I work on Windows 7 with the 19.1.2 20180302.r.277 2018/03/02: 1160083  x64 version of Photoshop.
I noticed a few bugs the last weeks:

When I zoomed or used the space-bar to shift the image there were stange artefacts/backlocks of the picture at the edges of the workingspace
They pile up until there is only a tiny space for the actual image left.
But they disappear when I minimize Photoshop and maximize it back again.

Another thing is:
Sometimes Photoshop or Windows gives me error-sounds when I want to select a tool by shortcut. And it's back to normal when I minimize+maximize it.

And the last thing:
I recently had the problem that changes (for example hiding a layer or making a selection) are not shown on the canvas when I do that. I have to shift the canvas a little bit around with space-bar, then the canvas suddenly updates and hides the layer or shows the change in the selection.

I already contacted the chat and they recommended to rename the Photoshop folder so it gets back to its original settings the next time I open the program. The problems didn't show up since then. So it seems that the bugs have something to do with my custom settings.
But sooner or later I'd like to go back to my favourite settings and brush libraries again...

It's hard to work with it that way...


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