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Mon, Mar 16, 2020 12:38 PM

Bug with brush jumping to 0,0 if using a mouse and smoothing is at 0%

When using a mouse to paint, there is a jump to 0,0 (screen, not document) when I release the mouse button. This leaves a line on the document. This only happens with a mouse when the smoothing is at zero percent.
I do not see the problem with a pen/tablet, OR when smoothing is > 0%

The clone and smudge tools do not have a smoothing setting so they show the problem all of the time with the mouse (but not with a pen).

Desktop PC - AMD processor with old Graphics card. Acceleration on or off makes no difference.
Windows 10 (1909). Photoshop CC 21.1.0 (tested on PS CC 20.0.8 on same PC - no problems found)
Tablet = XP-PEN G640S .... I have replicated the problem with the tablet removed (but the drivers were still loaded)


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1 y ago

This is a bug in CC 21.10 and there is a lengthy thread of discussion about it already on this forum. The temporary fix is to roll back to version 21.03 and block auto updates until Adobe gets it fixed.  If you need info on rolling back, look for that same thread, and scroll down through postings....

Try this one: Photoshop 21.1: Every drawing action (Painting/selections) snaps to upper left hand screen corner (Windows 7/Window 10 with WinTab)Image: This problem is reproducib...