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Tue, May 5, 2020 2:57 PM


BUG when zooming in while using crop tool


Using the latest version of Photoshop CC on PC, up to date nvidia drivers and up to date windows 10.

While using the crop tool, when zooming in using the ALT key + mouse wheel on a part of a large picture (example : top left corner, bottom right corner), the zoom goes back to the center of the image at some point (or sometimes another area of the image), and I have to move manually again to the area I was zooming in using "space bar".

This is very annoying and time consuming when you use the zoom tool a lot while cropping.

Why is it behaving like this ?

GPU acceleration is on. Seems like a bug to me.

Thank you

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6 months ago

Hi, i'm not sure its a bug. Annoying yes. This happens because of caching the image, i think. Try to zoom in real far and then zoom out again. Then the problem should go away, because the cache was build. But only until the next picture. If you switch between the image tabs it will clear the cache for the next image.