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Thu, Nov 14, 2019 11:57 PM


Bug: Saving as a 'Copy' instead of Replacing file

Since I upgraded Photoshop, it has been giving me this very annoying bug:

- I'll be working in my PSD file
- Then save as a jpg
- Go back to my PSD and make changes
- Save as jpg again with same name
- Says file must be saved as a copy (can't uncheck)
- In dialog box, I select Replace file
- Still saves with "copy" at the end of the file

Why can I not replace the original jpg with my new changes? Why do I have to save as a copy? Doesn't make any sense. Did not use to be this way.

Screenshots of process:

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Photoshop: Saving copy not saving over jpg file


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a year ago

I agree this is an annoying new feature.

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a year ago