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Fri, Oct 19, 2018 2:50 PM

[BUG?] CC2019 scratch disk issues & [solved] missing drivers

[Win 7 Home Premium SP1 - Not all updates installed.]

(1) [missing drivers; solved] I initially couldn't start up PS and everytime I installed a driver it was missing, I got another error dialog. It turned out I didn't have the latest update of vc_redist.x64.exe and windows6.1-kb4019990-x64 update.

(2) [scratch disks] Where I have no issues on CC 2018 using my SSDs to the last available byte, I now couldn't even start up PS until I made available between 6 and 10 GB.

To keep error tracking simple, I assigned just one scratch disk for now (with around 10 GB free space -- I work with smallish documents).

Problems I've discovered since ...

(a) the reported scratch disk info (down below left in PS) seems to be wrong (both the used amount and the space still available)

(b) PS now throws error dialogs when there's still 6 to 7 GB growing space left on my SSD for the scratch file -- it acts like if it's a ceiling, where CC2018 is happy to use it (I know I should clear more space anyway, but that's a lot of free space to concede on an SSD)

I've read here that CC2019 changes something about scratch disks, and to me it does not yet seem for the better...

(c) As an aside: shouldn't Purge All... (or closing your last document) clear the scratch file? What's the use in keeping it? Purge hasn't worked for me in that regard for a long time. I thought it used to do that, while now I have to restart PS to clear it... (I accept if this reply is in the manual and I should read it.)



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