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Mon, Jul 2, 2018 11:55 AM

Brush strokes away form cursor while using UGEE M708 Tablet

Hello, I recognize there is a similar thread

However, there is a slight difference.
I Bought a UGEE M708 pen Tablet to work with photoshop,.Pressure sensitivity is fine but strokes are away from cursor by an indefinite distance, the program seems to read the coordinates from the tablet as where is - while the cursor movement mode is relative. 
The thing is, it works fine with illustrator. both it and PS are 2018 versions, with pressure sensitivity and cursor location working just fine in illustrator.. mostly indicating a PS bug.
this is a screen recorded video showing the bug.


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2 years ago

great vid, thanks.  should not happen!  I suspect a system setting or driver problem.  Be sure you have updated your tablet/pen driver from the manufacturer's website.  Be sure there is no customization specified in any PSUserConfig.txt file, specifically, "SystemStylus" keyword.  Be sure no tablet driver config is in "mouse" mode, rather than tablet mode.