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Thu, Mar 5, 2020 10:32 AM


Brush settings | Color Dynamics | Avoid blending

This feature requests is asking for a possibility to expand the "Color Dynamics" functionality (within "Brush Settings"). For example, this could be done by a simple checkbox to avoid colour blending. At the moment, there is only the workaround is to do this by using a brush with colour blending (black and white) and then add an "Posterize" adjustment layer on top, set it to 2 levels and then adding two "Solid Color" adjustment layers with corresponding blending options on top of that. 

This idea could be even better with more than two colours. This would be the equivalent to the method mentioned above, but with [n] levels and "Solid Colour" adjustment layers, each with corresponding "Blending Options" ("Blend If" > "Underlying Layer"). However, this option would probably require some more GUI changes and thus it would be certainly more difficult to implement. 


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