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Wed, Nov 29, 2017 7:35 PM


Brush presets: Save presets for multiple tools with a single brush (or brush family/group)

Now that we can save tool presets with each brush right from the Brushes menu, it would be great if we could save presets for multiple tools within the settings for a single brush, so that when you switch from one tool to another,* the brush would work exactly like you want it to with each tool.

It might look something like one of these options:

For instance, you might start with a brush designed to be used with the basic Brush tool. Then let's say you want to use it with the Mixer Brush Tool and also as an Eraser--you could save presets unique to each of these tools right to the same brush.

Some benefits of this feature:
  • eliminate the need to save a separate version of a brush for each tool
  • save space (the brush's basic settings would only have to be saved once)
  • easier to use the same basic brush with multiple tools (to use a different tool, rather than switching brushes you'd switch tools, which is more intuitive)
  • easier to find the brush/tool combination you want (your list of brushes would be shorter, and rather than having to look for the right brush with the right tool settings, you'd only have to find the brush)

* not currently possible with brushes that have tool presets--see my Problem post here


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3 years ago

Decent idea..... More so, I just want to click on one brush with whatever brush tool I'm using, using the settings available in each brush.
If you switch brushes, you shouldn't  see multiple tool instances of each brush, just the single brush with the settings particular to that tool. Having them grouped like this would get messy and I don't think is the ideal solution.

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With the mockup image, the main thing I was trying to get at was, if you've got settings for multiple tools saved within a single brush, you need a way to tell which tools each brush is customized for.

For instance, if you have a brush with settings for the pencil tool and brush tool, and and you want to use it with the mixer brush tool, you'll want to know that it hasn't been set up as a mixer brush yet--that way you'll know to check the tool-specific settings before you start using it.

I like the second option in my mockup better--with an icon for each tool--but I'm concerned that all of the icons might not fit. That's why I also included the version with a dropdown. The dropdown isn't intended to represent multiple instances of a brush, or grouped brushes, just a list of the tools for which that brush is customized.