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Fri, Jun 1, 2018 1:27 AM


Brush and UI/UX improvements


Photoshop CC 2018's Brush management feature is looking really sweet and well thought out. That said, I would like to see a few more improvements to Brush management features and usage in photoshop. I am outlining them as follows :

1: Increase base Brush Library file size.
- I would like to see support for libraries far bigger than the current limit of 2 GB. Something like 4-8 GB would be nice for starters. This will help avoid having to load and unload brushes while doing artworks in Photoshop.

2: Add some more options from the brush settings to the toolbar. This will help avoid having to move the cursor over to the brush settings to tweak settings if the user wants to adjust some variations in the current Brush.
Right now, Opacity, Flow, and Brush size are available as toggles in the brush toolbar which is really helpful.

- I would like to see the toolbar with more robust options that can override the default brush settings defined in the brush file :
- Add Brush projection toggle.
- Scatter Toggle
- Angle, size, opacity, flow Jitter options (as a drop-down menu from their respective toggle buttons on the toolbar) 
- Color Dynamics Toggle (with drop-down menu)

3: Add Color picker as a separate tool window that can be docked (I am unsure if this is an existing feature)

4: Ability to add color options to the Brush Thumbnails/Lists icons so that it can be easier to segregate brushes visually ( eg Green for Foliage Brushes, Light blue for cloud Brushes )

5: Faster Brushes.
- Overall the brush engine has really improved but I would like to see ben faster brush response. For eg: the Color mixer brush gets really slow when mix all layers option is toggled.

6: Add option to temporary toggle a brush as a smudge Brush, burn or dodge tool in the toolbar.

7: Find duplicate brushes!



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