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Mon, Mar 11, 2019 5:29 PM

Broken Pen Pressure on Photoshop 2019

Hi all, 
my first post here about problem of pen pressure in Photoshop.
using WACOM Intuos PTK-440 since 2012. but form last year, once I updated my Applications with Adobe CC, Im facing some strange issues with pen pressure.  its not working properly. cant work at all with that problem. " when I draw any line or circle, sometimes it works with good pressure sensibility, sometimes like no pressure. almost like solid line with mouse" tried all possible way to solve this issue but still remain same. 
- Updating driver = no result
- windows Ink on/off = no result
- PSUserConfig.txt = no result
- Pen flick settings unmark flick = no result
- Photoshop Brush pen pressure enable = no result
- Pen settings turned off Windows Ink = no result. 
- restart wacom service = no result.

so thats all the way I tried. I dont think i missed any youtube video suggestion as well. now my wacom is totally useless without pressure sensibility. also same problem with ZBrush as well. 

Can anyone give me proper solution? 


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2 y ago

Have you tried the steps outlined in this Wacom support document?


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1 y ago

Did anyone resolve this issue?  It has recently come up for me.  I had to adjust the slider to get it to function yesterday and that seemed to be working but today that doesn't work anymore.  I have try also all of the steps above.  It works fine in Clip Studio, Illustrator, and with Mischief, but not in photoshop.  Seems to have occurred just after the update.