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Sat, Jun 23, 2018 12:55 AM

Bought Cartoons and Pop Art got no file

I paid for the add-on "Cartoons and Pop Art" for photoshop, got a recite on e-mail.

No download option were presented, in the e-mail it says "If you need help finding out how to access your purchase, please visit My-Addons, and read the 'Where to Find it' section. If you are having difficulties with the installation, see the Troubleshoot Guide." 

I can't find it anywhere and when i go to the "Cartoons and Pop Art" page at Adobe Exchange it doesn't say that I own it and I can buy it even though I already have.

It is not available in my Adobe Creative Cloud desktop app ether.

What do I do?


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3 years ago

I've had the same thing happen to me Helge, with another product but did find mine in my Downloads Folder on my PC.

Have a look in your Downloads folder on your PC. This is an Action File.

Once you download the product file, navigate to your ”Downloads” folder. Unzip the file ””. This will create a folder, which contains the action file:

Method 1: 
• Double-click the ”PFx CARTOONS.atn” file; the actions will be loaded automatically into the Actions Panel. 

Method 2:
• Open Photoshop and go to the Actions Panel (if it's not visible, select: Window > Actions). 
• Click the panel's menu button (at the top-right panel corner); select ”Load Actions” from the pop-up menu and load the actions file. 

Load a photo in Photoshop; Click the Cartoonizer action; hit the Play button, located at the bottom of the Actions Panel. Follow the on-screen instructions.