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Tue, Mar 22, 2016 3:30 PM


Better tile creation. Like Krita

Please try Krita and copy it's tile/wrapping mode. I really dislike having to do a trick to tile..... It is very confusing how you guys have not put this function in. Please upgrade and have a tile mode. Google Krita wrap mode(press w) when in krita

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5 years ago

More specifically, here's a link to the power having live-updating tile-view provides to web and game texture artists:

Being that photoshop is incorporating more 3D into its engine, this is directly applicable to those new features.

Even a simplified "tiled" mode where the background is duplicated and tiled copies of the canvas or selected artboard surround it would be better than what we can do now. Unless I am mistaken, the canvas is a 3D quad with a pixel shader applied to it, so it should be possible to duplicate that quad into tiles or expand the quad to fill the window but resize the UVs and change the tiling mode in the shader. That's just me making assumptions, though.